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Your Weekly Dose of Orgasmic

December 3, 2021


How are you as this autumn week turns to winter?

Who is keeping you warm as a chill sweeps the air? 

I hope it is someone delicious, someone who lights your fire, who makes you feel sexy and alive. And, if not, never forget that a little self-love can go a long way. I am here for you, loving you from afar. 

Now that it is December, Orgasmic NYC is right around the corner. Join the movement to ring in the New Year with a collective orgasm that rattles the world. 

What is Orgasmic NYE?

Join Orgasmic NYE

Send in your questions and queries, because even at your freakiest, you are far more “normal” thank you think, and if you’re breathing, then sexual satisfaction is your birthright. 

This week’s question is from “Grossed Out”, and it’s one I hear often. Check it out below.



Your Questions Make Orgasmic Hot

Each week, I answer a steamy question from an Orgasmic subscriber

This week’s is from “Grossed Out”

“Sarene, you write so passionately about your sex life and I so wish I could feel even a hint of what you feel. Sex just doesn’t do it for me. Not the foreplay. Not the “licking” you write about so much. It just all feels gross and invasive to me. Help!”

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